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Perfume & Cologne Tier List for Men 2024

The Men's Perfume Tier List is always up to date so you can easily find the best Men's Colognes of 2023. We rank the most popular masculine perfumes based on a variety of factors such as: the fragrance's ingredient quality, sillage & projection, longevity, versatility, price, and overall appeal.
The Cologne rankings were last updated: January 4th, 2024
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Perfume Tier List Methodology

How OnlyParfumes determines the Men's Perfume Tier List

Men's Perfume Tier List, Male Colognes Ranked, Top Masculine Fragrances of 2023

Perfume tier lists are a great way to showcase the rankings of different colognes and fragrances in the current year. Knowing which perfumes are at the top and the bottom will allow you maximize the value of your money because you'll know which perfumes to buy and which to avoid. Along with that, knowing which are the best perfumes for men in 2024 will save you a lot of time while shopping because it will be much quicker to try out fragrances that you might be interested in. When checking out tier lists always keep in mind that they're mostly opinion based— which can be good and a bad thing, depending on how you decide to use the information. We at OnlyParfumes encourage you to look at a few Men's Cologne Tier lists and make the conclusions yourself, but in general you are going to be seeing similar trending fragrances within certain tiers on most tier lists.

Please note that this is a Perfume tier list that includes a mix of the top 100 designer/niche fragrances which have been most popular and successful in recent years. Sometimes you'll want a cologne to complement your fashion style, and if you're dressed in a suit & wear a sporty fragrance from the highest tier, it doesn't necessarily mean that the cologne will be the best. Instead, research our website for all of the colognes from a tier you're interested in to find out what kind of ingredients they use and which scent family they belong to, as well as what are the most prominent notes and the occasion they are most suited for.

The criteria that our tier list consists of:

  • Perfume longevity, sillage, projection and pleasantness of the scent trail
  • Affordability and quality of ingredients, as well as scent composition.
  • Versatility for different occasions and how well the scent complements a clothing style.
  • Availability in the current year. A fragrance might be the best of the best, but if it was discontinued a long time ago and vintage bottles cost a fortune then it might not rank as high.
  • Mass-appeal and how easily the cologne results in compliments.
  • How well the fragrance performs for its intended purpose.

Keeping all of these various points of criteria in mind, we've manually ranked the most popular Men's perfumes into five different tiers (their position within a certain tier does not matter).

S Tier Perfumes are exceptional masculine colognes that are universally loved by many people. Most of these male fragrances excel in multiple criteria and are truly outstanding, the best of the best. They are made with exceptionally high-quality ingredients, the notes are perfectly composed & blended, and have a unique and memorable scent profile that results in plethora of low budget copycats. These colognes have excellent longevity and sillage, and are considered works of art by some of the more serious perfume enthusiasts.

A Tier Perfumes are superb and stand out for their quality, uniqueness, and mass-appeal. Just like S tier, they have been crafted in order to excel in multiple criteria, but they often lack a bit of something, which in return sets them back. Generally speaking though, these colognes have great longevity and sillage and appear in plenty perfume collections of fragrance enthusiasts which means that they're affordable and have decent availability.

B Tier Perfumes are colognes that are very good and have been made by established premium brands that are well-liked by many people around the world. They may not have the same level of complexity or uniqueness as the fragrances in the higher tiers, but they are still of good quality and feature decent longevity & sillage whilst remaining versatile and exceeding in one or a few clothing styles.

C Tier Perfumes are decent and are often mass-market colognes that are widely available and often go on sales. These men's perfumes have mostly linear scent progression and aren't as complex as the fragrances in the higher tiers, but they are perfect for people who don't think much about the perfume they're gonna wear and can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. They have moderate longevity and sillage which is to be expected from such fragrances.

D Tier Perfumes are considered slightly below average and may not be well-liked by many which isn't good if you care about getting compliments. They're more of "one style" male fragrances that are catered towards a certain occasion and require very frequent reapplying. The sillage and projection often end up being on the lackluster side, requiring overspraying, in order to be somewhat presentable.

Every year a bunch of new designer & niche colognes come out as well as reformulations of old ones. This is why we always update the Men's Perfume Tier list every couple months in order for it to be relevant for the current year, because reformulations aren't always successful and in most cases tend to end up being bad, which shakes up the positioning of colognes in the tier list.

Since the before mentioned criteria are essential for evaluating a fragrance's rank, we're going to explain them a bit more...

The cologne's longevity refers to how long a scent lasts on the skin and/or clothes, while sillage and projection measure how much the fragrance radiates from the wearer. Pleasantness of the scent trail refers to how appealing the fragrance is to others when you walk into a room or they walk behind you when you're outside. A fragrance with good longevity, sillage, projection, and a pleasant scent trail is considered a top performer.

The best perfumes use high-quality ingredients, but that can also make them expensive. A well-composed fragrance will have a well-balanced blend of top, middle, and base notes. A perfume that is affordable, well-composed, and uses high-quality ingredients is highly regarded.

A versatile fragrance can be worn in different situations and seasons. For example, a fragrance that is perfect for summer may not be suitable for winter. The fragrance should also complement the clothing style of the wearer. A fragrance that suits different occasions and clothing styles is considered versatile and is more likely to rank higher.

Availability is an important consideration when ranking perfumes. A fragrance that was discontinued a long time ago or is only available as a rare vintage bottle can be difficult to obtain and may not rank as high. Availability is crucial when considering the practicality of purchasing the perfume.

Mass-appeal refers to how many people enjoy the scent of a fragrance. A perfume that appeals to a broad audience and results in many compliments is highly regarded, on the other hand a fragrance that is divisive or has a strong scent profile may not be as popular and therefore may not rank as high.

The intended purpose of a fragrance could be to wear to the office, on a date, or at a formal event. A fragrance that performs well for its intended purpose is very valued. For example, a fragrance that is perfect for the office should be inoffensive and not too strong, while a fragrance for a formal event should always be elegant and sophisticated. A fragrance that performs well for its intended purpose is more likely to rank higher.

The main purpose of this men's cologne tier list is to keep you up to date on which colognes are great picks when you're out shopping for new scents and want to try something new. If you're eager to learn more about a certain perfume, or order one online, you can always click the perfume's image within the tier list and you'll be taken to its Amazon product page that describes it in greater detail and contains relevant reviews from other customers.

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